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10 proven practices to help kids thrive now and in the future.


In a world that seems to grow more unpredictable and challenging by the day, how can we increase learning and joy for children while offering them much-needed support?

This urgently needed and bestselling guidebook offers comprehensive and scientifically-grounded methods you can use to support young people’s well-being, no matter what obstacles they face. 

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If you care for kids in any capacity, pick up this book right now. It's innovative, humane, solution-oriented, and both powerful and incredibly practical.


Author of "The Stolen Year" and "The Art of Screen Time"

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Book Discussions and Bulk Buys

Whole Child, Whole Life is for anyone who cares for kids. It is written to support individual readers and groups of any size.

Small Groups 

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Large Groups

25-50 copies

Whole Child, Whole Life is perfect for a school staff, parent group, district leadership team, youth program staff, and more.


Buy 25-50 copies, you get:

  • Discussion Guide

  • Signed Bookplates

  • Downloadable Poster

50-100 copies

Whole Child, Whole Life is written to support anyone caring kids. This makes it a perfect option for your team, partners, volunteers, members, or as a giveaway at your next conference.

Buy 50-100 copies, you get:​

  • Discussion Guide

  • Downloadable Poster

  • 30-min FREE webinar 

100 copies or more 

Whole Child, Whole Life is great for large groups, because it is readable and relevant for anyone who works with kids, and it's organized to work as a book study.

Buy 100 or more copies, you get:

  • Discussion Guide

  • Downloadable Poster

  • 1-Hour Virtual Book Talk

Buy 500 or more copies, you get:

  • Discussion Guide

  • Downloadable Poster

  • 1-Hour In-Person Book Talk 

  • In-Person Book Signing

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Meet the Author

Stephanie Malia Krauss is an educator, social worker, and mom. She is a leading voice on what kids need to thrive, now and in the future. 

Stephanie runs First Quarter Strategies, a consulting firm that works with US, state, and local groups to prioritize lifelong thriving. She is a senior fellow with the CERES Institute for Children & Youth at Boston University, Education Northwest, and a senior advisor to the Children's Funding Project and Youth-Nex at University of Virginia.


She started her career as a fifth-grade teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. Stephanie has a Master's in Education from Arizona State University and a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis. A proud New Jersey native and GED recipient, Stephanie lives in the St. Louis area with her family.

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