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Custom Book Discussions

We would love to work with your team to explore and implement the ideas in Whole Child, Whole Life

Stephanie is available to work with you and your team on fully customized book studies, implementation coaching, and speaking engagements

To talk about your specific needs, please email

Interviews and Testimony

Stephanie is available for press and speaking opportunities on child well-being, positive youth development, mental health, and lifelong thriving.

If you want to interview Stephanie or book her for your next engagement, please email with details and your deadline. 


In-Person Engagements 

Would your community, group, staff, or school benefit from hearing about the whole child, whole life principles and practices? We would love to speak at your next event. 

Picture of Stephanie speaking
Picture of Manuel speaking

Coaching and Consulting

We come to this work as people who have spent years preparing and caring for kids. We have decades of experience on the frontlines of education, youth development, and parenting. We bring that passion and experience into the design and delivery of fully customized coaching and consulting experiences. This could be "dinner and a day," a full-day facilitated event, or multi-day experience. Stephanie also consults through First Quarter Strategies, LLC, working to achieve youth thriving through work In policy, practice, research, and philanthropy. 

Picture of Stephanie consulting
Picture of Manuel consulting

Virtual Engagements

Thanks to the pandemic, we are pros at virtual engagements. We would love to speak at your next virtual event or connect online with your staff or group. 

Picture of Stephanie speaking virtually, projected on a screen
Picture of Manuel speaking virtually, projected on a computer

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Prepare and Care for Kids in Challenging Times 

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